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Meditation carries all kinds of benefits. If you’re feeling anxious, down, or in pain, meditation can help — dozens of studies show that it works. Meditation actually rewires your brain, firing up specific areas that calm your nervous system. Tons of meditation and mindfulness apps are developed which makes it hard to choose the best one to help you improve yourself. To save you some time, we searched and discovered an amazing mindfulness app that offers all you need – Mindbliss.

What is Mindbliss?

Rediscover your calm with this incredible mindfulness app developed on both iOS and Android platforms where you can meditate with world-renowned teachers. Boost your self-confidence, improve your sleep, and learn to overcome the stress, anxiety, and grief through guided breathing exercises and meditation.  With simple guided calming meditation tools designed by the best teachers, you will get the chance to cultivate a powerful daily personal practice, gain valuable insight and become happier and healthier. The app can be enjoyed through the journeys or the sessions.

Why use Mindbliss?

Choose any of your favorite tools from 7 different categories and the app helps you discover meditation journeys and sessions that are the best for the needs of your practice. Designed from the best teachers, hundreds of meditations are offered as well and the same goes for the curated session that could reduce your anxiety and help you get better sleep. Save sessions you like to listen online, track your progress and discover journeys or sessions with the help of the highly intelligent algorithm. The app on IOS is using Apple Healthkit to help you track your mindful minutes too.

Reduce anxiety and relieve stress with the calming meditation and guided exercises to build self-esteem, self-confidence and better perspective. For deep positive transformation, the app uses binaural beats meditation and to synchronize your body and mind and calm your nervous system uses sophisticated breathing exercises. The 3D nature soundscapes are helping you restore your mind and spirit and you can relax with the vast library of relaxation music and sounds. Use the positive affirmations to build a happier you and improve yourself. Gain control over your subconscious fears, anxiety, and self-esteem with the app’s hypnotherapy. The app for free offers access to only 15 sessions, 3 journeys, and daily meditation sessions and if you like more you need to pay the yearly or monthly subscription.

Download this app on the App Store and Google Play for free to discover and try meditation sessions and journeys!

App Store Download Link: Mindbliss

Google Play Download Link: Mindbliss


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