Most Useful App of the Day – SnipCatch


Shopping is easier now more than ever and we’re not just talking about being able to shop from the comforts of home. However, finding the best deals nearby is still complicated and there are not many apps offering great discounts and deals finding features. Luckily, we discovered our today’s “Most Useful App of the Day” – SnipCatch. See what this local deals finder & bargain app has to offer.

Post Snips

All you need to do to start using SnipCatch is sign up. Then you can either add a snip (deal, discount) and enter the details. Anyone can post snips – the app is more focused on community based deals posting. However, local businesses can also utilize SnipCatch to inform local users for deals and bargain offers.

Find deals

If you want to find deals, simply explore your neighborhood and city. SnipCatch has an integrated Google Maps api, so you can easily get directions within the app. Additionally, if you want to clarify conditions, ask questions and negotiate prices with SnipCatch users, you can chat privately within the app.

SnipCatch has the potential to become a great community based deals, offers and bargain app. It’s a great way for real people to post deals and real people to discover them. You can try it for free – it’s available for both iOS & Android.

App Store Download Link: SnipCatch

Google Play Download Link: SnipCatch


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