Musicana – An Innovative Android Music Player


A lot of folks these days have transferred to some sort of music streaming service like Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, or Apple Music. However, there are those of us left that hang on to our collection of media because streaming isn’t quite good enough yet. If you have your own music collection and the stock music player isn’t doing it for you, then here is our pick for one of the best music player apps on Android! If you’re looking for something that plays local music and also streams music, then this app is the one you need.

What is Musicana?

We’re very excited for the music player app we picked to present to you today. It’s called Musicana, now available for devices that support Android 4.1 and up. Thanks to its developers, now Android users can enjoy an innovative music player tool and improve their music listening experience. Musicana is an ad-free, lightweight and intuitive music player that provides with a lot of features. Let’s see what exactly the app offers!

Key Features

This app features many advanced options and functionalities, providing its users with a seamless and enjoyable experience. It has a huge online music library with thousands of songs from all around the world. We loved its customization as well. The user can easily change the background settings with an image of choice. Choose from 4 different now playing screens and listen to the songs with adaptive screen colors. Musicana also offers a 5 band equalizer that will enhance your music listening experience further. This equalizer comes with custom presets, reverbs and a powerful tunable bass. Even if you want to identify a song you’re listening or to read the songs’ lyrics while listening to them, the app has got you covered. Simply browse by category or by name, create your own music playlist, tag your favorite songs, and so on.

With these cool features and many more packed in this mp3 player, Musicana is completely free for download. Get it right away from the Google Play Store and enjoy!

Google Play Download Link: Musicana


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