My Mother – Heartwarming App That Celebrates Motherhood


my mother


If you want to show your mother that you love her and appreciate her on any day, we have the perfect match for you. We are talking about an app that’s called My Mother, amazing Android app that will melt your hearts and celebrate motherhood in a very unique way. It was created by Sedat Oguz and it’s available for all Android users.

Your mother is the most special person in your life and why don’t you show her how much you appreciate all the things she’s done for you? The app My Mother has a caring and loving poem about mothers, including a video animation to make it even more appealing and loveable. It also offers a touching music that we are sure your mother is going to love. You can simply save the video and have it sent to her. Perfect for mother’s day or any other day! You can read the poem yourself or set up the cute child’s voice to read it out loud.

Even if you’re a mom and you want to make your kids understand the meaning of being a mother, you can read it to them, or if you are a husband and you want to show your love and support for your better half, this app is the best way to do it. You can download My Mother now only on Google Play for $0.99.

Google Play Download Link: My Mother


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