MyPsyDiary – Amazing Psychological App for Your Mental Health


What do you do when you can’t afford therapy but are struggling to handle your mental illness alone? You could download an app. In recent years, there’s been a proliferation of mental health apps available to smartphone users. With this type of app on your phone you will be able to efficiently monitor your mental issues and find the best way for improving your mental health. We searched and we discovered one amazing health app for this purpose. Let’s see what the app offers.

What is this app about?

This mental health app is especially created by a professional clinical psychologist as very easy to use and yet highly efficient psychological tool that helps users monitor and improve their mental health. By using the app, users will be able to make entries in their own personalized diary and keep track of their mental health on daily basis. Completely secure and private, with the app users can easily share their emotions and thoughts, use the app’s helpful mental health strategies to easilt deal with the issues they have and find the right way to better their mental health.

Why do we choose it?

MyPsyDiary as the user’s mental health diary offers him to easily enter and record all his thoughts and emotions and access the entries whenever he wants to.  With the app, users will track and improve their mental health by monitoring their mood, their feelings and by getting detailed reminders when it’s important for their health. All the user’s thoughts can be recorded to create as detailed diary as possible and the app allows the user to protect his diary with a personalized password to protect his privacy.

The content can be customized to the user’s personal needs and preferences and with help of the app’s well-supported strategies the user will be able to feel better via the revolutionary new live strategy prompting feature offered. Also, the app offers sleep and lifestyle choice tracking, relaxation training with MP3 recordings, goal setting, and positive thinking coach as efficient features. The app can be used in conjunction with a mental health professional easily to aid treatment monitoring and goals.

Download this app for $5.49 on Google Play and App Store to help you monitor your mental health!

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