New, Interesting and Addictive Puzzle Game Love Balls Draw Is Now Available for iOS & Android


Is there another genre that’s as well suited to mobile play than the draw puzzler? We don’t think so. The Google Play Store is packed full of brilliant puzzle games, and there’s a surprising amount of variety to them. Some ask you to match things, others to solve riddles, while others bring in tactile physics conundrums, but our game proposal for today will tickle your grey matter and keep you rapt for weeks.

New, Interesting and Addictive Touch Puzzle

If you looking for a new, interesting and quite an addictive touch puzzle that will entertain you in your free time, then don’t look further. Check out our proposal swipe puzzle game called Love Balls Draw that offers a lot of fun and fits for any ages. It’s a colorful and lovely adventure that surely won’t leave you indifferent with its story, challenges and the multiple levels that will test your skills or help you to improve them.

Connect the hot & cold love balls

Just on a first try you will be simply mesmerized and hypnotized by the incredible cool design and sound effects that will keep you interested and highly entertained through the whole gameplay. Your mission as a player is to collect all the hearts on the way and help fire boy get to the ice girl by swiping to cut the rope to bring them together.

Don’t think that the game is easy! Expect that the increasing levels be more challenging than the ones before, so it will be harder for the fire boy to reach the ice girl. But an amazing fun is guaranteed.

Love Balls Draw is available for free downloading on these Play Store and App Store links, so visit it now and start your romantic hero journey. Give it a try and share your game experience, thoughts or opinions down below this article.

Google Play Download Link:  Love Balls Draw Adventure

App Store Download Link: Love Balls Draw Adventure


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