Numbers 1st Multiplayer Math – Awesome Multiplayer Math Quiz Puzzle Game


Math and puzzle lovers know how hard it can be choosing a game that can be enough challenging and in the same time fun and addictive, a game that will keep their attention constantly. Because so many of these math and puzzle games are offered for our smartphones, it’s not very easy finding a unique game to push our brain to think harder and faster. We searched and we have one amazing math puzzle game that you will love for sure. Let’s see what the game offers you.

What is this puzzle game about?

This multiplayer math puzzle game is especially created for all math and puzzle lovers that like to test their math skills and push their brain to think harder and faster, challenging it to a real math game where they need to test their speed and skills in order to solve the math puzzles. Hours of fun and challenges are offered on the interactive math game developed for both android and IOS users. All the player needs to do is to get the target number that is required while competing against players worldwide, winning his scores and trying to become the ultimate math puzzle master and get on top of the online leaderboard.

Why do we choose Numbers 1st?

Numbers 1st Multiplayer Math as the multiplayer math puzzle is offering different features that will challenge the player while allowing him to have hours of fun playing. On the game, players will test their math and puzzle skills while enjoying competing against 4 other players, getting the target number required and only using numbers they dealt with and the results from the various operations. The player only has 35 seconds to solve the puzzle before the other players do it, reaching the goal of getting the target number before anyone else. Faster the player solves it, bigger the scores and lesser number of steps he uses, better. With getting enough points for the other rounds will allow the user to become the winner of the game while playing and competing against other players from the world and place him on the top of the game’s leaderboard. The game offers 3 different game modes such as the easy, medium and hard mode and each player will need to watch the sets of numbers and get the target one without using the same number twice unless another number is used. The game is also making changes, changing the 4 players and adding a 2 player mode.

Download this game for free on Google Play and App Store to compete and try to solve the math puzzle!

App Store Download Link: Numbers 1st

Google Play Download Link: Numbers 1st


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