NYC Bars: Guide to Speakeasies and Historic Bars – Discover Secret Speakeasies & Bars


As one of the largest cities in the world, New York is often recognized as being intimidating to those who are unfamiliar with the culture and area. At times, the vastness of the different local spots, eateries, routes, attractive places, and different neighborhoods can be overwhelming in such a busy geography that encompasses millions of inhabitants and tourists.

The busy nature of the city requires a high degree of technical needs in order to keep up with the most detailed information such as the arrival time of the next subway, the nearest eateries, nearest public restroom, fastest route to a particular destination. With the introduction of mobile apps catered to those in the city, it becomes substantially managing various needs whether users are natives of New York or are passing by as a tourist.

What is NYC Bars?

We have a great recommendation for all Android users that read us, an app called NYC Bars: Guide to Speakeasies and Historic Bars. All of you, welcome to one of the greatest ways of exploring the intriguing history of secret speakeasies and bars in New York City. This city guide app will help you experience the old NYC while having a glass of wine and the excitement of finding speakeasies as if the Prohibition was still the law of the land.

An Amazing New York City Guide

NYC Bars will take you on a unique adventure through modern-day speakeasies as a well as bars that actually survived the Prohibition. The developers managed to put years of research and put them into one single platform, which provides with useful information about New York’s best speakeasies and old bars that you can’t easily notice. Not only that you’ll be able to find speakeasies, historic bars and restaurants, but you will also get info about each place and read all kinds of interesting stories about those places. All you have to do is install the app, scroll through its content and tap a place. The app will give you the exact working hours, average drink prices, happy hour information, images of the place, you will be able to make reservations, read reviews from real customers, and so on. Use the app’s map to easily find the location you’re looking for and add the ones you like the most to your list of Favorites.

Designed with neat and intuitive user interface and tons of features to enhance your “exploring NYC” experience, NYC Bars is available on the Google Play Store. Download it now and enjoy.

Google Play Download Link: NYC Bars: Guide to Speakeasies and Historic Bars