Open Chat for WHatsapp: Trick & Help – Efficient Tool for Opening Chats in WhatsApp?


We are living in the era of social apps, when a lot of people would much rather type a message than give a voice call to give some information, or simply stay in touch with their friends. Various messengers are used nowadays. The most popular chat app is WhatsApp, which is used by millions of people in the world. With the right tool for WhatsApp you can open a WhatsApp chat with any number you want without the need of saving it. We found the perfect app for that purpose. Let’s discuss it.

What is Open Chat in WhatsApp?

Open Chat in Whats app is one very helpful and efficient app which is developed as a tool which allows users to open a chat in WhatsApp with any number they want to. The app is very easy for using and developed for android users with a simple and clean interface, allowing users to effortlessly open a chat with any number without the need to save that number on their phone’s contact list, simply with just opening the app and entering the number to open a chat. With one simple step, users will be able to open a WhatsApp chat of any number that uses WhatsApp.

Why do we love this tool?

For every user that looks for an easy and simple way to check some number on WhatsApp or send a message to someone without saving the number in their contact list, this app is a great choice which can help him easily do that. By using this helpful tool, users will be able to enter any number they need and open the chat in WhatsApp directly, without any effort.  This app is detecting the country code for any number directly and also offering its users the option to change the country code if they want which can be quite useful if a number is outside of the user’s country. Users with the help of this app will be able to delete numbers from their integrated list and even get the option to open a chat in WhatsApp with themselves.  This app uses an official WhatsApp API to open a chat with any number the user enters without create it as contact on their device.

Download the app now for free on Google Play and enjoy chatting!

Google Play Download Link: Open Chat in WhatsApp


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