A Perfect Driftr: Social Travel Platform for Effortless and Enjoyable Trips


There are thousands of great travel apps to assist you in just about every way possible, ensuring an enjoyable and stress-free vacation every time. So next time you pull out the suitcase or set out to plan the trip of a lifetime, try using some of these apps and see what a difference they can make in your life.

A Perfect Travel Social Platform App

To make it simple we have done the perfect selection from the traveling apps for all you traveling “junkies” who often love to hit the road for personal enjoyment or maybe for the business purposes. Take a look at Driftr a traveler social app that will be your personal advisor, journal platform, and trip planner and make all your travels effortless and enjoyable.

What’s very cool as a user of Driftr app, you can make your personal blog, without paying expensive domains and hosting plans. Here you can put all of your videos, photos and travel tags so you can share with the rest of the world on your timeline. You can also use the beautifully displayed travel map with pins so friends and followers can quickly view your moments from any location. Share your recommendations with others or use the community to find popular places and things to do for your next trip.

Flexible and Free to Use

Another great use of this app is that you can get information about the best hotels, bars, and restaurants anywhere in the world even in remote areas of the world without internet access, so it’s quite flexible and safe to use.

Check out for more info on App Store or Google Play and download this perfect traveling social app on your IOS device for free!


App Store Download Link: Driftr

Google Play Download Link: Driftr

Official Web Site: Driftr


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