Pixel Panic! – Addictive & Exciting Fast Arcade-Style Game


Traditional arcade games featured short bursts of gameplay that propelled you toward a high score. That fits mobile play just fine. If you are looking for a new and exciting arcade game for your phone to play on the go and test your arcade skills, not many of those arcades offer you that kind of experience. To choose the best one among so many of these arcades, we searched and discovered one addictive and fun endless arcade game that every arcade player needs to try. Meet  Pixel Panic!

What is this arcade about?

This endless arcade game is very exciting, addictive and fast and yet at the same time challenging the player’s arcade skills. Developed for both Android and iOS users, Pixel Panic! is quite easy and fun for playing, offering each player amazing high-quality graphics with cool sounds as he plays and tries to save the pixel kingdom. Getting the player hooked on his first try, the arcade offers many quests and events to spice up the gameplay and keep the players interested in playing all the time.

Why do we choose Pixel Panic!?

Pixel Panic! is an endless arcade that challenges the player to react fast and precise while he tries to help Pixee to save the pixels and get high scores for his achievements. On the game, the player just needs to slide or tap the screen to save pixels and collect as many of the pixels as possible. However, the player needs to be careful not to collect the dead black pixels that may end the game. Each player in every game has three lives and when all the lives are gone the game is over. More than 15 fun events and over 40 quests to discover are spicing up the game and the player’s reflexes will be tested as he progresses further in the game.

With progressing and playing, each player will have his chance to unlock bonuses that can be helpful for getting as far as possible and winning even higher scores.  With the boosters available the player has a chance to progress even further and increase his scores more. Each player can personalize the game by choosing more than 10 amazing pixels skins that he can get by using the pixels he already collected.

Download this game now on App Store and Google Play for free to save as many pixels as possible!

Official Website: Pixel Panic!

App Store Download Link: Pixel Panic!

Google Play Download Link: Pixel Panic!


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