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For people that love to travel and visiting new places is very important to have a tool that could help them in choosing the perfect destination. Why not use your iPhone for that purpose? There are many apps created for traveling, that can offer you to pick a place and learn everything you need to know before travelling there. But, how to choose the best app for traveling? What will the traveling app offer you? We searched and discovered a great travel app for your iPhone – Placeful City Guides – Local Food, Drinks & Music. Let’s see what this app is all about.

What is this app about?

This amazing app created for iPhone users, is a traveling app specially designed for all travel lovers and adventures. Simple and easy to use, this app offers the users to look for the perfect travel destination for them and getting info about what the place offers and the things they can do there. These travel guides on the app are created from locals in the travel areas, giving the users the most reliable info they need when they pick their favorite destination. Have the most amazing travel experience with this app!

Why do we choose it?

On this travel app for your android you can easily find different types of traveling destinations, all of them handpicked by locals. The locals can help you learn how to spend your time in that place, eat like them, play like them, and drink like them. The app offers the users to look for guides in every city they with. Aside of the option to search for guides, the users can save the guides they like as a future travelling wish. Every user of this app can be helpful to other users and create their own guides with their favorite preference for a travel destination.

Download it now on App Store for free.

Official Website: Placeful City Guides – Local Food, Drinks & Music

App Store Download Link: Placeful City Guides – Local Food, Drinks & Music

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