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Mobile phones are important tools for travellers. You can look up information, book hotels, discover places, find pit stops, and find out all kinds of information in the palm of your hand. More and more people are depending on their mobile phones for travel. To make it easier for all travellers out there because there are many of these apps available for your smartphone, we looked and we found one amazing travel app so you can make the best of your trips.

What is Places Explorer?

Places Explorer is an amazing travel app created for travellers as their personal travel guide, easy to use and developed for Android users. You will have the chance to find the best locations nearby, check the weather forecast, find restaurants, hire a taxi or simply find directions to any place you want. Get access to millions of places and tourist attractions around the world to enjoy an extraordinary trip. The app will show you the best places nearby and give you directions to reach those places easily and fast.

Places Explorer Features

This travel app offers you to find nearby places easily and quickly and with its easy to use interface will simplify your life and let you find all places that you are looking for in your surroundings within a few seconds, reaching them quickly and accurately. Discover the best places within any city you want and also check the reviews and pictures of the place. Also, the app allows you to check the weather forecast of any city even before visiting it.

Find the best route to your destination easily and get very well detailed information about the estimate duration to reach your destination as well as distance and petrol required. Routes for cars, bicycle or even pedestrians can be found. Live information about the traffic can help you choose the best route and save a lot of time and look at the estimation for the cost of fuel for a trip. Easily hire a taxi cab on our app to reach your destination as fast as possible and with the AR navigation system, you will navigate over places using the augmented reality technology with real-time instructions and road signs.

Download the app for free on Google Play to get access to millions of places around the world when travelling!

Google Play Download Link: Places Explorer


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