Reason8 Automated Note-Taking – Amazing Productivity App for Recording Meetings


Digital recorders are quite helpful but why carry two gadgets when you already have all these options in the palm of your hand? With the right app on your phone you will be able to record all your meetings and important discussions just be starting the app, keeping all notes automatically to help you later create your summaries without effort. How to find the right app? No worries, we decided to help so we looked and discovered one amazing for that purpose. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is this app about?

This productivity app is especially created as a tool for automated note-taking and summary preparation for in-person meetings working on multiple smartphones. The app is very practical and easy to use, developed on both IOS and android platform, offering users to easily turn their conversations into summaries by recording their meetings and getting full transcript to create their summaries effortlessly. Users with the help of this app will be able to save time and effort by recording all important facts and ideas on their meetings, focusing on the discussion, without taking any notes.

Why do we choose it?

Reason8 Automated Note-Taking is offering users helpful and efficient features that will allow them to capture all important things on their meetings without taking any notes. With the app, users are only able to start and host meeting, telling their colleagues the meeting ID. When something important arises, users will just need to tap ‘’Highlight’’ and that goes to the meeting summary. When the meeting is over, the app is used or users can choose the web because of the convenience of the keyboard to edit and create meeting minutes. Users by using the app will be able to easily take notes automatically to save all information from the meetings, extracting all facts automatically from the transcript of the meeting to speed the preparation up, using speech recognition with punctuation and speaker identification supporting multiple languages.

Users are provided with handy Al service that automates creating meeting summaries and minutes, getting a recording of the meeting and super accurate speech notes. The meeting summaries can be created on their phone or web, and users are allowed to easily facilitate collaboration with a shareable notes and meeting summaries. For better note-taking quality, users just need to place all phones in the same room on a table near their owners and keep the devices stable while recording the meeting.

Download this app for free on Google Play and App Store to take notes and prepare summaries of meetings!

Google Play Download Link: Reason8

Official Website: Reason8

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