Receet – Amazing Mobile Finance Platform for Digital Receipts


Looking for a fast way to organize receipts and complete expense reports quickly?  No more worries. Nowadays there are finance apps especially developed to help you out with these issues and make your receipt management a lot easier. To help you and save you some time, we searched and discovered one incredible mobile finance platform to provide you with digital receipts for any business transaction where a receipts is needed. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is this finance platform about?

This amazing mobile finance platform offers all users need to be provided with digital receipts in any business transaction where a receipt is needed. Developed on IOS and android platform, this finance app is quite simple and yet very efficient and user-friendly. On the app, you are not required to turn over your name, email or phone number in order to get digital receipts. Great customer experience is offered for merchants and customers as well, solving the significant impact of the paper receipts in the environment.

Why do we choose it?

Receet as the mobile finance platform with its features offers digital receipts for the users, directly on their phones, quickly and easily. Using Bluetooth and NFC technology, this app instantly pushes the digital receipts to the smartphones of customers. With the help of this app, each user can search and find digital receipts to make a return, file taxes of fill expense reports without much effort. The digital receipts can be categorized and users get the ability to upload their receipt data to business expense tracking software and apps as well for personal accounting software. For unique personalization opportunities, the app generates rich digital receipts like IKEA can add YouTube link to assemble the bought item or the pharmacy can add actionable reminders for prescription refills. All digital receipts generated with the app can be categorized, indexed and searched for easily, all that is not possible with email receipts.

Download this app on App Store and Google Play for free to manage your digital receipts easily and quickly!

App Store Download Link: Receet

Google Play Download Link: Receet


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