Revengestar game brings you an ultimate action with hours of never ending fun


Whether it’s a retro style game, paying homage to a bygone era, or using cutting edge graphics that make full use of devices like the Nvidia Shield tablet, portable or console – there’s nothing like the feel of shooting up a ton of enemies invading your screen. Here we have found a great arcade shooter available for Android, which will put your skills to the test. We are talking about a game app, Revengestar.

What is Revengestar?

Revengestar is a new retro arcade space-shooter game that is a kind of tribute to old school space invader or shmup genre games. The game comes up with an extremely amazing storyline where you and your crew is captured alive by the evil force of aliens but it was your good luck that you managed to escape from these forces alive but still, you are surrounded by these evil forces. When you were escaping the alien territory, you also stole few of their space ships and these are going to succeed your escape adventure and set this land free from aliens to restore peace.

The game brings you about 20 levels of the thrilling space battle and you have got some powerful weapons that can help you to encounter the enemy attacks and survive. Controls for the games are easy and you don’t need to learn about any special skills to master all that matter here is your quick reflexes and best hand to eye- coordination. Keep upgrading your weapons, as with each level your enemies get stronger.

Download this game app today for your Android without any cost from the direct download link present at the end of this review.

Google Play Download Link: Revengestar


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