A Review of the CMC Markets Mobile Trading Application


Technology has come a long way in recent years. Not only can we access gigabytes of information within seconds, but many industries have broken into the smartphone community by offering dedicated applications. The world of financial trading and investing has likewise been revolutionised by this paradigm shift. While there are many online brokers and trading portals which offer such apps, some are more noteworthy than others do to their advanced interfaces as well as the number of tools at the disposal of the user. Let’s take a look at the mobile trading app provided by CMC Markets and highlight some of its most groundbreaking features.


The Trading Application at a Glance


We should first point out that this application has been developed to work in conjunction with both iOS and Android devices. Thus, it is rather universal in nature. As should be expected, all tools and functions will appear in the same layout as those encountered through the static website. This is important, as traders will not be subject to any type of learning curve. Once the application has been downloaded, one can log into his or her account and access all options with the click of a button.

Technical Indicators and Trading Tools


It should already be a foregone conclusion that this application is laden with all of the most powerful trading tools. As it is able to function with both 3G and 4G connections, split-second decisions can be made in order to take advantage of any sudden movements. Real-time prices can be viewed at intervals as low as five seconds. However, cutting-edge trading is only the beginning.


This mobile application provides users with more than 35 technical indicators. These are then combined with user-defined drawing tools in order to provide the “big picture” when analysing the movement of a specific asset. Much like the traditional website, all positions can be viewed in combination with historical price movements. This feature is often employed by those who are hoping to predict future fluctuations with a greater degree of accuracy.

All charts are clear and concise; avoiding the digital clutter often associated with generic financial trading applications. A wide variety of diagrams are available including candlestick models, Heikin-Ashi displays and user-defined spreads. Another point worth mentioning is that all charts can be customised to suit discrete user preferences. Up to five different presets can be saved; providing immediate access to preferred trading tools.


The Social Media Trading Edge


Social trading has gained ground in recent years, as users will be able to appreciate what others have to say about a specific asset or price movement. This mobile trading application offers an entire section solely dedicated to client sentiment. All positions are graphically represented, so it is easy to gauge the opinions of other traders. These metrics are then supplemented by Reuters news updates and insight from trained analysts; additional features which are crucial in order to make an informed decision when the time is right.


Streamlined Functionality Within Seconds


Besides the intuitive features mentioned above, this trading application boasts a number of additional proprietary options. These include:


  • Direct fund management.
  • Account access via a single swipe.
  • Updated market calendars.
  • Additional newsfeeds.
  • Daily insights into the latest recommendations.


On-the-go trading has likewise been made even easier through the use of push notifications. This system can be activated in order to provide immediate alerts in the event of a price change or similar late-breaking news.


There can also be instances when a trader requires additional aid. This application is equipped with a dedicated customer support team. These individuals are available during trading hours, so help is only seconds away.


Constantly Evolving
From Forex positions and CFDs to blue-chip stocks and index-based trades, this mobile application leaves little to chance in terms of modern investing capabilities. All user information is kept secure through the use of advanced encryption techniques and as should be expected, updates will occur from time to time. Those who have been searching for an intuitive means access the online trading community are encouraged to take a closer look at this system.




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