Running Dead: World of Zombie – Cool & Exciting 2D Runner Game


The concept of an endless runner is simple. You run until you die. Despite their simplicity, endless running games are among the most ubiquitous and popular. These include games with other types of endless motion, as well as endlessness in dimensions other than the horizontal. That’s why today we have decided to share with you an amazing game!

What is Running Dead: World of Zombie?

Running Dead: World of Zombie is an amazing 2D platform game that will challenge you to the maximum! It all started when the evil Dr. Donald killed your family with an evil experiment. You are on your way to revenge your family by killing the doctor and his army of zombies. Richard (the main character) needs you to guide him to destroy the dead on this amazing adventure!

Why We Love It?

The game is a big challenge and that’s exactly what caught our eye in the first place. The storyline is pretty harsh but exciting – the evil doctor has killed your family and you are now on your mission to revenge your family and kill the army of zombies protecting the doctor. You will have different skills and weapons which will help you get as far as you can by avoiding the obstacles. Further in the game as you reach new levels, you will be able to unlock new characters with more powers and new worlds with stunning HD graphics, great sound effects and amazing unique items.

There will be a lot of zombies and obstacles on your way so get ready to have endless fun with this amazing adventurous game! Download it for free from Google Play or from the App Store now.

App Store Download Link: Running Dead: World of Zombie

Google Play Download Link: Running Dead: World of Zombie


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