Save Life game is the right option to kill your boredom with never ending fun.


We often like to play games and gaming on Android is always fun. But most of the Android games are online and having an internet connection all time is not possible. Online games are superb but they require a lot of data and wasting most of your data in gaming is not a good deal. I love online games from providing a variety of gaming concepts and unlimited enthusiasm. Being connected to the internet all time is not possible, and in those situations, offline Android games are good to kill the boredom. So here, to ease you for the right choice we have compiled this review for one of the best arcade android game Save Life.

What is Save Life?

Save Life is a new arcade platform game created by Tortoise Dev team with an attractive storyline where a bird has lost his way while flying over the wide sea and entered the area where everywhere there is explosive stuff. Now you are the one who has controls to help this bird to fight for his survival in that deadly area. The graphics are cool enough to keep you engaged for hours and the background music is good enough to stay focused.

The controls for the game are quite simple and easy and require nothing more than just tapping the screen. Now the thing that is the key to score good points is your quick reflexes and a good hand to eye coordination that will ensure your stay in the game as long as possible. Every time when you tap the screen to avoid explosives, you earn a point.

To get started with this amazing game play all you have to do is to grab this game app free for your Android OS device from the direct download link present at the end of this helping review.

Google Play Download Link: Save Life


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