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Looking for a great barcode scanner app for your ​​Android device or iPhone? If you need to easily find the best shopping deals, keep track of your books, quickly assemble a grocery list, or just scan a QR code, there are several apps to help you get the job done no matter which platform you are using. To make the choice easier for all of you, we searched and we discovered an incredible scanner app for you to scan and save barcodes of receipts, coupons and gift cards. Let’s see what the Scan and Save App offers you.

What is this scanner app about?

This is an incredibly practical and efficient scanner app that is beta tested and easy to use with high quality developed on iOS and Android platform. With its barcode scanning capability, this app allows you to scan and save the barcodes on your coupons, receipts, and gift cards directly on your phone and use them immediately whenever you decide. Saving your time and money, scan barcodes, save them, organizing them and managing them as you like without much effort.

Why do we like it so much?

With Scan and Save App, the user is able to scan coupons, gift cards, and receipts and save them directly on his phone, organizing them and accessing them when he likes to use them. Smart notifications and new technology are offered to users, saving him time when he looks for receipts or when he needs to grab coupons or gift cards from an envelope. Just with using the smartphone’s camera the user can scan the barcodes and organize them in folders for immediate and easy access.

Sign up on the app to start scanning and saving. The user’s captures can be customized as he likes, he can create separate folders for his coupons, gift cards, and receipts. Scan the barcode and capture the receipts and then just complete the information needed. Save the names of the stores you’ve captured the barcodes from and keep yourself organized. Access the barcodes easily directly on your phone and keep track of your balance at all times, saving money and time, every time you use the barcodes.

Sign up for beta testing on the app’s official website now for free – it will soon be released on the App Store/Google Play to scan and access barcodes immediately!

Official Website: Scan and Save App


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