Scrap ‘Em – Exciting Strategy Defense Game to Test Your Skills


The strategy is among the oldest game types in human history. Whether it is chess, board games, or even some card games, we’ve been playing strategy games since long before there was ever a computer. Now, these games are available for playing on our smartphones. To make it easier for you that like to test your strategy skills, we searched and found an incredible strategy defense game that will push you the limits and you will enjoy it for sure. Let’s see what the game offers you.

What is this game about?

This incredibly fun to play strategy defense game is offering you the chance to test your strategy and defense skills. Developed for both IOS and Android users, the game needs you to build and protect your towers while at the same time to use your vehicle to run over the aliens trying to invade it. The amazing graphics offered and the cool sounds will make you love the game even more while you strategically building defenses and you drive your vehicle around the maps to stop the aliens before they get to your safe house and destroy it.

How to play this strategy defense game?

The player on the game is beginning with his safe house in the center of the map that he needs to protect with deploying and fortifying towers and he needs to drive his garbage truck or other vehicles around the map too. Around the citadel, players need to place towers by dragging them onto the map and sending their garbage truck to problem areas of the map just with a tap on the screen. You can build towers like baseball towers to knock out the aliens, gum towers to stop the aliens in their tracks, or mortar towers to blow the aliens off the map.

Towers can be upgraded to fortify your position and set fences to control the flow of aliens in your map. Players must not leave just to the defenses, they need to use vehicles to smash the aliens starting with a garbage truck and work your way up to a sports car, bus, or tank. Power-ups can be used for clearing a map, repairing a car, getting a motorcycle that drives itself around the map shooting aliens, and getting an energy wave that clears the map or a healing power-up to heal the safe house or defenses. Players need to work their way across the forest, ice, and desert maps, trying the endless mode to see how far they can get before the aliens get to the safe house.

Download the game for free on App Store and Google Play to test their skills and stop the alien invasion!

App Store Download Link: Scrap ‘Em

Google Play Download Link: Scrap ‘Em


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