Shoe Hit – A Fun Throwing Adventure


Your smartphone is one of your most powerful gaming machines. Maybe it’s not as powerful as a console in raw graphics and processing, but in how many hours of entertainment it can provide, mobile devices go toe-to-toe. There are many, many games on these platforms that are impossible to put down, where you can’t resist playing just one more round. If you’re rocking the Android platform, here is one of the greatest and most addicting mobile games – download at your own risk.

What is Shoe Hit?

We’re talking about an awesome arcade game, Shoe Hit, released on the Android platform by Banana Entertainment Studio, requiring Android 4.1 and up and compatible with both phones and tablets. This throwing and hitting game lets you showcase your precision skills by throwing shoes at targets on your screen. Plus, it is designed with intuitive controls and beautiful graphics that will engage you in its gameplay even more.

How to Play?

Shoe Hit is an infinite throwing adventure that can be played by users of any age. Your main goal as a player is to throw shoes in order to hit the characters. If you throw a shoe precisely and manage to hit a character, you will earn points. The game offers a huge selection of shoes for you to throw and multiple characters to hit. Select the pair you like the most and challenge your throwing and hitting skills with each pair of shoes, and pick from 3 different characters. Tap to start throwing the shoes and count your hits. Make more hits if you want to become the ultimate hitter of this challenging throw and hit game. Be careful, be precise and focus on your target to win the highest scores.

Get the Shoe Hit game from the Google Play Store and enjoy – it’s totally free for download.

Google Play Download Link: Shoe Hit