Show the World How Good You Are at Poker with Poker Conquest



Poker is one of the most popular card games of all time and there are plenty of ways to play it. Most prefer 5-card draw or Texas Holdem but there are other variants as well. There are also many poker games on Android. Let us look at one of the best poker game for Windows this year named, Poker Conquest.

What is Poker Conquest all about?

Poker Conquest is a single player Texas Holdem poker game. This No-limit Texas Holdem game pits you against computer players from 180 countries. Your goal is to conquer the world playing poker by beating a computer player from each country. In the game, Europe has 47 countries to conquer and has tournaments with a wide range of entry fees. Therefore, by starting in this continent the player can sufficiently build up their bankroll before exploring other continents.  If the player wants to unlock another continent before conquering Europe they can do with an in app purchase.

Engaging features

  • It offers an account for each player with personalized settings.
  • There are no ads in this game.
  • Collect different achievements ranging from hand types, hands played and bankroll amounts.
  • The development process is in progress to release versions for iPhone and Android soon after.
  • The first time you play this game, you get $10000 in your bankroll.
  • And much more…

Download Poker Conquest today to experience a new way of playing all time famous poker games. This game app is available for free on the Windows App Store!

Windows App Store Download Link: Poker Conquest



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