Show the world how good shooter you are with Bonestorm – Gyroscope Survival Shooter


Shooting is among the most exciting game genres out there. It is one of the most popular genres ever. Additionally, a variety of high-value games has come from it, including Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, and many others. Unbelievably, there is actually a healthy supply of FPS games on Android that you can dig into. If you have got your trigger finger ready, here is what we have got for this review is a brand new shooting game. We are talking about, Bonestorm – Gyroscope Survival Shooter.

What is Bonestorm – Gyroscope Survival Shooter?

Bonestorm – Gyroscope Survival Shooter brings you the new first person shooting fun with stunning 3D graphics. It is multiple player games with superb controls to let you fight against your opponent using its touch mode controls. This game makes use of the gyroscopic sensor of your smartphone to help you aim faster. It is a kind of kill or gets killed game where your survival depends on how quick you are with your controls.

Bonestorm – Gyroscope Survival Shooter brings you the chance to fight with players around the globe so try your best to reach the top of the leaderboard. Stay focused towards the game, as it is key to survival. The interface is quite user-friendly and the background sound is upbeat that will keep you stay focus towards the game.

This thrilling filled game is compatible with Android OS devices and is the best game to keep you engaged for hours. You can find the direct download link to the game at the end of this helping review.

Google Play Download Link: Bonestorm – Gyroscope Survival Shooter


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