Silently Read Messages without Showing the Seen Status – Blue tick, last seen hider


If you use chat apps for communication you know that when you open messages the other person can see if you read the message and when you read it. However if you want to stay invisible and open messages without the other person knowing you read it, there are apps developed especially for that purpose. To help with your search, we looked and we found one amazing invisible chat reader app that can help you to stay incognito easily. Let’s discuss about this invisible reader.

What is Blue tick, last seen hider?

Blue tick, last seen hider is one highly efficient invisible chat reader app that is developed for android users in order to help them read messages in advance without showing the seen or read status to the other person on the chat. Simply, privately and quickly, the app is created for chat apps like WhatsApp, telegram and Facebook messenger. On the app, users can read all messages they received on these chat apps and users can read them directly from this app while hiding the user’s blue checks or read receipts or read status. With the app users can read messages without the other person knowing about it, completely safe and invisible.

Why do we love this invisible reader app?

This invisible reader app is offering its users a lot of practical features that will help them stay hidden. The app supports chat apps like WhatsApp for hiding blue double check and no last seen, Telegram for hiding blue tick, Facebook messenger and Viber for no message read. With the app, users can save list of messages for reading it any time and use identifier for unread messages while the app includes both Single and Group chats.

The app also offers the feature for reply for WhatsApp as list of images, videos, audios and voice notes for supporting apps like Whatsapp and Telegram.  Users are able to use the app for wise grouping of chats as well and they have an option to enable or disable chats for required chat apps. With fluent UI and material design without the need of any hack like turning their Internet connection and the localization support for major languages, users will be completely safe and protected while staying invisible reading all their chat messages without the other person on the chat receiving the seen or read status.

Download the app for free on Google Play now to read messages without the other person knowing!

Google Play Download Link: Blue tick, last seen hider