Simpler Gratitude Journal That Could Drastically Change Your Life


“Educational” is a broad term. When it comes to mobile apps, there’s a diverse range of software that falls under the umbrella of education. You could peruse the top educational offerings in any app store, but locating the best ones — and those that aren’t merely a fad — is more difficult than you think.

App for Practicing Gratitude

For our today’s article, we have selected a perfect app that could transform one’s life in a positive way. Namely, we talk about a journal app called Simpler Gratitude Journal App in which you can make notes and then practice and enjoy the attitude of thankfulness. No doubt, many studies have proved that with practicing gratitude comes a lot of positive effects in our human psychology including self-esteem, mental strength, physical health, better sleeping etc.

What does the app offer?

Sometimes life could bring tough times but we must never forget also about all the little thing that makes the life amazing and that’s why an app like this one was designed for you to capture and savor every moment. With this journal app, you can record your thoughts and create audio gratitudes to playback anytime, get the inspirational quote of the day and notification for your daily journaling practice etc.

If you have never tried before, we strongly recommend the Simpler Gratitude Journal App to be a part of your daily habit and see for yourself about what we talking here. Yes, we could easily guarantee the results of practicing with this gratitude technique and feel the differences immediately.

Free to download

The app is available for free downloading on App Store so don’t miss this chance to make your life more beautiful and fulfilling. Check it out now!

App Store Download Link: Simpler Gratitude Journal App