Sleeping Garden: Birds and water is an app for you if you are looking for an effective meditation app.


Work and school can be extremely stressful and sometimes it can be hard to relax. Stress leads to many health problems and in such a fast-paced world, people do not always find quiet time to calm down. There are tons of apps available in app market to go through your daily meditation therapy but choosing the best one for your smartphone is a quite overwhelming process. Therefore, in search for the best app for meditation, we finally ended up with В Sleeping Garden: Birds and water.

What is Sleeping Garden: Birds and water?

Sleeping Garden: Birds and water is a sleeping sounds app developed to help your fight with sleep problems and your stresses. The gentle music is designed to attenuate the high state of alertness, which is one of the main symptoms of stress. When you can bring down the speed of your mind, you are able to see clearly. You can see how the mind works, how emotions and thoughts arise and how they pass away.

You do not need any past knowledge about meditation and neither you have to go through any tests or spend money on fake businesses claiming to guide you to the path leading to the relaxed state of mind just put your headphones. Choose a sound you need to listen from a panel of sounds or if you are interested in creating your own mix you can play multiple sounds at the same time. There are no age boundaries and anyone can use the app irrespective of sex or religious acceptance. It also brings a shutdown timer helpful for those with insomnia problem.

Sleeping Garden: Birds and water will help you meditate or just show your heart down a little and take time for yourself. Do not hesitate to download, as it is free for both iOS and Android.

App Store Download Link: Sleeping Garden: Birds and water

Google Play Download Link: Sleeping Garden: Birds and water

Official Website Link: Sleeping Garden: Birds and water


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