Space Evolution – Exciting & Clever Puzzle Game


For everyone that enjoys a good brain teaser while is killing free time by playing a game on their phones, the best choice are certainly the puzzle games. One of the most exciting and entertaining puzzles for playing are the strategy puzzles that ask from you to think harder, faster and act strategically, planning your moves ahead to solve them. To make the search easier, we searched and discovered one clever strategy puzzle game. Let’s see what the game offers you.

What is this game about?

This space puzzle game is developed for both android and IOS users, very addictive, entertaining and yet highly challenging, offering all the players to push their brain to the limits while allowing them to have a lot of fun and enjoy the exciting space gameplay. The players of the game will enjoy the high-quality graphics and the fun sound effects while they try to solve the puzzle. Each player has to find a way to create a black hole in his own galaxy by being strategic and thinking logically, planning all his moves ahead to groom the galaxy and solve the puzzle.

Why do we choose it?

Space Evolution has to offer all puzzle lovers and addicts different addictive and fun features that will keep them playing and pushing their brain to think harder. With this game, players have the chance to groom their own galaxy and their only task is to create a black hole in the centre of the galaxy. The player will get closer to creating a black hole with grooming the galaxy further. On the game, players that combine three elements of the same kind will be able to create new elements such as from stardust to Asteroid, moons, planets, until he finally creates a black hole out of  the three suns. Each player needs to beware because the space is limited and he can only solve the puzzle if he plans ahead his moves and thinks strategically. The game can be played casually for breaking high scores or players can challenge their puzzle skills in epic speed runs.

Download this game on Google Play and App Store to groom your galaxy and create a black hole!

App Store Download Link: Space Evolution

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