Space Galaxy Attack – Addictive War Alien Shooter



Space is the ultimate frontier and it’s up to you if you want to explore what’s up and beyond! Download and install the coolest space games for Android and play your heart out. Take part in intergalactic battles, defend your planet against aliens or race against time to win epic tournaments. In this post, we have reviewed one amazing space game for Android that you’ll surely get hooked on. Let’s check it out – it’s called Space Galaxy Attack!

What is Space Galaxy Attack?

If you’re into space shooting games and enjoy testing your arcade skills, you will definitely love Space Galaxy Attack. This is an awesome space strategy and shooting game designed with thrilling gameplay, great graphics and tons of fun features that will keep you addicted for hours. Available on the Android platform, Space Galaxy Attack can be played by both kids and adults. Let’s see what the game’s best features are.

Game Features

The gameplay of Space Galaxy Attack is all about defending the universe from the alien swarms. Your main goal is to take control of your powerful spaceship and save our planet from the aliens and invaders. It sounds simple, but it’s very challenging! All you have to do is use your finger to move the spaceship and leave the shooting part to it. The game features hundreds of levels, missions and stages, all with progressing difficulties. As you play, you will face more difficult challenges and you need to be fully focused or you have to start over. Try to finish as many missions as possible, move through the stars and planets, annihilate the aliens and save the Earth from the evil alien shooters. Collect and use cool power-ups and boosters while playing and let them increase your fighting powers. Compete with family and friends to see who the best player is, check out the online leaderboard and make the highest scores.

Destroy and kill as many aliens as you can, enjoy endless space arcade gameplay and modern visuals, download this free-to-play game from the following Google Play link and enjoy hours of fun!

Google Play Download Link: Space Galaxy Attack