Tell A Buddy Is The Ultimate App for Online Counseling


Everyone deserves access to mental healthcare, but it can be a problem of access. Luckily, technology is making mental health care services more accessible to those who need it. There are apps available for your smartphone that allow you to talk to professionals online to get through the situations you are facing in your life. To help you choose the best one, we looked and we found one incredible life management app for users that need online counseling and therapy. Let’s discuss the app.

What is Tell A Buddy?

Tell A Buddy is an incredible life management app developed for android users that are in need to talk to someone online and get help with online counselling by certified professionals. This is an easy to use and user-friendly tool for self-improvement, created for moments of psychological despair and consists of people who will walk the journey with you and help you. The app is discreet and anonymity is constantly upheld regarding your emotional feelings and information shared. Get professional help and online psychologists from various fields will help you in an easy convenient manner.

Why do we love this life management app?

This online life management app offers the best online therapy, and tons of ways to get through any situation you’re facing. Find what works for you, and the motivation to continue forward will come with this great life management tool. From relationship problems with the people you love, to troubles in school or with friends, Tell A Buddy is useful for all fields of life and for all age groups. Just pick a private chat with an online therapist for online mental health counseling and start your process to therapy. If you just seek advice or opinion for something then you can use the group chat feature of the app. Also, on this app, you are allowed to have an unlimited number of sessions. With Tell A Buddy you’re never alone; this online life management app offers the best online therapy, and tons of ways to get through any situation you’re facing. It’s a tool for all fields of life. A tool that can really change and improve your overall well-being and change your life to the better.

Download the app for free now on Google Play to get the ultimate professional help and better your life!

Official Website: Tell A Buddy

Google Play Download Link: Tell A Buddy


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