Test Your Strategy Skills & Have Fun with Portal Ball


Since the idle clicker genre has gone mobile and become surprisingly popular, different variants of it appeared on the Play Store, even ones avoiding the original clicking to be just about the idle generation of resources. What was once an ironic criticism of games has since become a legitimate game genre, with other games starting to utilize their elements in non-clicker titles. The idle clicker perhaps is the most basic of what a game can be, and the clickers that eschew clicking stretch the definition of a ‘game’ to its absolute outer limits. So, if you’re still hooked and need your next clicker fix we urge you to try this new title – Portal Ball.

What is Portal Ball?

We all remember those beloved screensavers where the ball or other object bounces around the screen. We’ve spent hours, staring at those screensavers waiting for the ball to hit the corners. Well, that’s sort of what the Android game Portal Ball reminds us of. But a little more fun because this time we can interfere with the ball and its path. Portal Ball is developed and designed to be the best increment idle game you can play while you watch the newest episode of West World or Game of Thrones without it distracting you from the action of these shows.

Idle or active gameplay – your choice!

With Portal Ball you can play idle or actively. You race against time, collecting as much treasure as you can. Bouncing the ball around space, creating wormhole portals, picking up gems, smashing crates and avoiding massive asteroids while you are racing against time. And if you want to be more active in your gameplay, after collecting a pretty amount of gems you can upgrade almost everything modifying you gaming experience the way it suits you. Unlock new balls, portals, etc. and find the best upgrade combinations to help you hit the highest scores possible and climb the Google Play Leaderboards.

You can find and download Portal Ball at the Google Play Store completely for free.

Google Play Store download link: Portal Ball