Test & Train Your Brain with the Block Puzzle Reloaded Mobile Game


As smartphones become more and more affordable, developers kind of figured out that they are a perfect platform for games. Unlike 15 years ago, when gaming was almost exclusive to PCs or consoles, now there are an ever-growing number of games available for our smartphones. There are myriad of games with fancy graphics, massive storylines and complicated game mechanics, but for us that don’t particularly enjoy all these racing or shooter games there is a sea of amazing simple or complicated puzzle games which can gives hours of fun and brain sharpening.

Fun twist on the old classic

Yes, we all love the old Tetris, but if we are being honest, the game start being little repetitive and boring after some time. Block Puzzle Reloaded is a puzzle game that took inspiration from the classic Tetris, but flipped the concept and made it its own. Instead of the jigsaw blocks falling downwards to the bottom of the grid and you sliding them left or right and lock their position, Block Puzzle Reloaded requires you to take the block, rotate it and put it anywhere you like (if it fits of course) on the grid. And this little twist is what makes Block Puzzle Reloaded so much fun. You can combine a match blocks to build and then destroy columns or rows, both vertically and horizontally.

Clear out the grid & climb the leaderboard

This puzzle game, like many others, comes with fun power ups you are able to use to help you score more points and climb the leaderboards. Block Puzzle Reloaded has four different power blasts you can use to destroy columns or rows and clear out the grid. Recently the developers added a daily achievements and a level system. These way players can challenge themselves and their friends.  Block Puzzle Reloaded is a puzzle game perfect for that short period of time you wait in line somewhere; ride on the bus, etc.

You can download and play Block Puzzle Reloaded for free and it is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Google Play Download Link: Block Puzzle Reloaded

App Store Download Link: Block Puzzle Reloaded