The perfect board game that will bring new way of fun


Board games have been around for a long time. The oldest board games date back to 3500BC and have come a long way since then. Most of us can remember playing the classics like Monopoly to the more modern games like Pandemic. If you want to use your Android device to play them, here is our pick of the best board games for Android!

A Perfect Simulator Game App

Looking for a new interesting board game that will keep you busy for hours? Then, we got the right game for you. We can gladly introduce Dice 1000 Online, a perfect simulator board game that will surely glue to your Android device in the next couple of hours and will get under your skin. This game offers two possibilities for playing, single player or playing against a friend, so be ready to challenge or get challenged by your friends.

The Game goal

The goal of Dice 1000 Online is one player to complete the 1000 points in total. Rolls the 5 bones (dice) and collects points in order to achieve the target goal and win the game. Play in the digital or in your reality (guess is it possible to make a paper copy of the rules). On Play Store are available the complete list of the game’s rules which are of course always balanced. There is a symbolic price for the digital version and live server connection.

Some of the Dice 1000 Online’s features:

– playing online with a bot or a real person
– regulations of the game are available inside the client
– check how lucky is your day today
– balanced rules

Free to Play

Play long as you wish and want. Dice Online App is free to play, so download it as soon as possible at Google Play Store, start the game and enjoy it as you want! Check it out now!

Google Play Download Link: Dice 1000 Online


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