The Sequence – A Brand New Card Game


Card games are a fantastic form of entertainment. They work anywhere and everywhere, they’re small enough to fit into a bag for travel, and there are many different kinds of card games out there. If you like to test your luck and skills with a fun and exciting card game that can be hard to find among so many of these games offered. Luckily for you, we looked and we found one amazing card game that will challenge you and get you hooked to playing fast.

What is The Sequence?

The Sequence is one very fun and easy to play and yet challenging card game that is developed for Android users that like to test their skills and luck. On the sequence game, the players will enjoy beautiful graphics with cool sounds and multiple language support as they try to protect the world’s order. Your task in the game is to restore the sequence and bring the order back, planning each step carefully to win each round of this sequence card game. Challenge yourself to win against the chaos.

Why play this card game?

This card game with its gameplay and features offered will hook you to playing on your first try. The task is to complete the sequence and restore the world’s order. To challenge yourself and test your luck the sequence card game is offering different game modes you can try. You are offered 4 modes such as the single, flush, alternate and pyramid mode. Because the goal on the card game is to restore the sequence you need to draw a card, press with one of your cards to swap it and keep swapping.

Trash cards you don’t need and even hide cards from your opponent so he can’t steal it. As you play each round and restore the order, winning against the chaos you will get coins for your achievements. Try to collect as many coins as possible. You will gather new powers that will help you along the way through the game but watch out there will be also many blockers on the way that will prevent you from completing your task. Complete the sequence to restore the order!

Download the game on Google Play now for free to try and win against the chaos to protect the world’s order!

Google Play Download Link: The Sequence


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