The Truth Debate – Raise Your Voice


We all have opinions. Some of us have no inhibitions sharing them with total strangers on the internet or via social media. In some circumstances, two very different opinions collide and all hell breaks loose. And this happens on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.
Having opinions is healthy. It indicates a progressive nature – one which signifies that we are improving to be better, better educated, more knowledgeable people. But because everyone has opinions, everyone thinks they are deserving of being heard, applauded, agreed with, admired and liked for their opinions. The keyword here “deserves”, and they will fight, troll, insult, provoke and lie to turn their opinion into the common truth. Yes, there may be a dark side to what people want to share, but there also is a brighter side. There are many letters and comments shared on our digital platforms that are thought provoking, well researched and draw that kind of praise from other writers.
Does that mean you have to stop having opinions? Of course not, but there are a few things we should address when it comes to opinions.
What Is The Truth Debate?
Sharing our thoughts and opinions is always a great way for communication. However, this can often lead to disagreeing with other’s opinions instead of respecting how other people perceive something differently than you. That’s why The Truth Debate is giving us all a chance to express our thoughts and emotions through a video and discuss a topic in a healthy way; whether this is a racial question, a question about equality, poverty, our government, etc., everyone deserves to share their thoughts without being judged.
Why Do We Loves This Debate App?
We, as human beings, have every right to believe what we do. We select our views from how we are raised, our environment, and a variety of other factors. Whatever you choose to believe is fine because that is what this nation is based on: the ability to have your own views and fight for what you believe in. Yet, for some reason we have started to attack each other as people rather than fighting for our views. That’s why The Truth Debate is here in order to teach us how to express ourselves and hear what others think in order to discuss healthily instead of going over who’s right and who’s wrong. You can download it for free from the App Store or from Google Play.

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