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Education has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. There is more focus than ever on learning at home, continuing one’s education, and using the Internet for the glorious information tool that it is. Childhood is particularly important for learning. We obviously can’t do all the work as every child is different. However, with the right learning app you can help your kid in his development through fun and games. We have the app for this. Let’s see what this app offers you.

What is this app about?

With this education app for kids that is developed for both android and IOS users, especially created for parents and teachers, offering them efficient support tool for many topics that are related to the child training. Using this app, can help adults to assist their kids with developing essential skills while entertaining them and keeping their attention though fun games and stories. On the app is offered original content that help parents guide their kids and better the interaction with them. The app is created by pedagogues, specialists and psychologists and addresses many important issues like bullying, respect, differences and much more.

Why do we choose it?

Using Timokids as an educational tool for kids of many ages and available in more than 180 countries, the parents are offered to help kids with their learning process. The app is highly safe and free of any type of propaganda. With this app, teachers and parents can help children with their psychological development with offering them to learn through original fun content and stories that are focused of assisted and guided communication, talking about difficult subjects of the children’s world. Each story has characters that are developed especially to stimulate the psychosocial and sensory development of the kids. With the app, each child can develop visual, auditory, and psychomotor skills. Also, the parents are offered the option of record voice function that offers them to have control in stories with integrating their voice and controlling the designs that the kid will attend. Parents and teacher with this app will feel more present in the life of the children for sure.

Download this app now on Google Play and App Store for free.

Google Play Download Link: Timokids

App Store Download Link: Timokids


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