Transcender Healing – Heal yourself app – Efficient Health App for Improving Your Quality of Life


The number of apps geared towards improving wellbeing is increasing, but how helpful are they? Well, the right app for your mental health can help you get rid of bad habits, implement healthier habits and help you make positive lifestyle changes. How to find the right app for improving your quality of life? To make the search easier for you, we searched and discovered one incredibly efficient app that will enhance your well-being for sure. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is Transcender Healing – Heal yourself app about?


This app for mental health is very efficient and helpful for all users that want to improve their quality of life. Easy to use and developed for both Android and iOS platform, this app use the light-filled powers of the Universe in order to expand your consciousness and change your life in a more positive way.

With Transcender Healing – Heal yourself app you can have a change of your personal development with more than 100 different spiritual energies that exist in different areas of your being. With the app’s help users will learn how to get rid of bad habits and will get access to a high-energy tool. With it you can transform energies, dissolve various blockages, activate and expand your self-healing powers, expand your consciousness and much more.

Why do we choose it?

This health app includes several modules that you can use in order to gain spiritual energy. You will gain access to ENERGETIC SESSION, ENERGETIC PROCESSES, DIRECT TRANSMISSION, CRYSTAL ORACLE, DAILY SENTENCE BY SABINE SANGITAR WENIG or Planet transmission which is free of charge and no registration is necessary. You have the opportunity to test all the modules free of charge for 30 days.

This app also offers a Premium Membership is which costs 1 month for 9,99 EUR incl. VAT. The premium subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the term. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.

If you want to check out the Transcender Healing – Heal yourself app you can find and download it for free at the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.

Google Play Store download link: Transcender Healing – Heal yourself

App Store download link: Transcender Healing – Heal yourself

Website: Transcender Healing – Heal yourself