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If you enjoy free online casino games from your computer, there is a good chance you will love them even more on your smartphone or tablet since you can take all the games with you where-ever you go and no matter what you might be doing (except driving). Many people feel these games are even more fun on a mobile device – even when at home – since they can play from the palm of their own hand many fantastic free slots for Android phones ant tablets – all regularly available from the Google Play marketplace.

There are plenty of free casino game apps available for your mobile device and a few excellent mobile casinos, and this is no more so the case for phones and tablets powered by the Android operating system. However, unfortunately, not all of these apps are as good as others. Today we’ve chosen one of the best casino apps on Google Play and we’re reviewing it for you especially. The name of the app is Treasure Beach Casino & Slots, created by SkyAngel Entertainment Inc. They did an awesome job in making it user friendly, with alluring graphics and dozens of fun features that will make you feel like you’re in Vegas.

When you start the Treasure Beach Casino & Slots app you will be able to choose between slots with lots of bonus games and free spins, designed with lovely theme, the Blackjack game to win big and to double down to take the house and one of the most popular card games ever, Solitaire with lots of bonus games and lots of wins. Pick whatever you like, get free spins, coins, cool rewards that can be used for charity and donations, gift cards from the places where you love to eat and shop, etc.

You can have this and much more if you download Treasure Beach Casino & Slots from Google Play, where it is available for free.

Google Play Download Link: Treasure Beach Casino & Slots

Official App Website: Treasure Beach Casino & Slots