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Once you started hearing music with a high pitch, you do not know whether your ears will be safe the next day or not. Each one of us has a unique hearing and needs proper care. It is a very sensitive as well as an essential part of the body. Don’t you want to protect them? You can listen to the music with the help of hearing devices, but with the right platform. That is why to give you the perfect solution we have compiled this review for an app, TSC Music – Experience the new way of hearing.

What is TSC Music – Experience the new way of hearing?

TSC Music – Experience the new way of hearing is the first music platform app that fully integrates into the personal hearing condition and prevents hearing loss. It features exclusive ‘Threshold Sound Conditioning’ technology that you can routinely test your hearing condition and improve your hearing capacity with customized sound signals and equalizer balance.

How it works?

TSC is the first ever technology to have introduced such an application that offers advanced hearing testing, customized song algorithm, hearing capacity enhancement and hearing condition monitoring. It adds quality to the sound without being destructive to our ears.

It is recommendable to take a hearing test initially so that customization of the app according to the hearing capacity becomes feasible. It exclusively allows us to improve sound quality with the Active EQ feature, which automatically sets the sound to such a level that is clearer and of a better quality.  It sends out customized sound signals that facilitates healthy hearing.

This app integrates with YouTube and SoundCloud as well as Spotify. The graphics and the themes of this app are just amazing. You cannot stop yourself from using this app. This app will help you a lot and stop you from wearing hearing aids. So download the app and enjoy your favorite music unlimited. It is available free for iOS based devices. Click the link below to have it for your device.

App Store Download Link: TSC Music – Experience the new way of hearing


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