U-Bidit – Amazing Business Platform for Home Improvement Services


For homeowners it can be quite time-consuming looking for the perfect quality home improvement service. Also, home service providers can have a tough time running their business and finding the perfect way to offer their services. But what if there is an app that can help both homeowners and home service providers? Well, there is. We discovered a great platform where home improvement services can be looked for or offered, all in one place. Lets’ see what the app offers you.

What is this app about?

This business app for home improvement services is developed for both IOS and android users, easy to use and offered as platform who will handle home improvements, helping both homeowners and service providers. With the app, homeowners can engage with home service providers to get bids from their projects or repairs, contacting them directly or indirectly by preference. On the app service providers looking for home improvement work can use the app to run their business with less expense and less effort. Just by creating a profile, users will find and offer services for home improvements.

Why do we choose U-Bidit?

U-Bidit and the features offered on it will help both home owners and home service providers without wasting their time or money. On the app, users can choose to sign up as a homeowner or home service provider, depending on their needs. Homeowners on the app can easily list their project or repair with filling required information and uploading the project with their budget price they can afford paying. Service providers on the app need to fill required information and create their business profile for free. With the app, homeowners can contact providers directly for their profiles or they can choose to list their project or repair on the project board offered.

When service providers and homeowners connect the work, the arrangements and payments will be handled directly, outside the platform by personal communication. No costs are pay by homeowners to contact the providers directly or using the project board. With the app, service providers have a chance to their businesses more efficiently and find home improvement work on the project board as or home painting, construction, home repairs, heating, wiring, tree removal, plumbing and much more needed. The home improvements are performed by quality, skilled and experiences professionals at affordable prices.

Download the app now on Google Play and App Store for free to fulfil your home improvement needs!

App Store Download Link: U-Bidit

Google Play Download Link: U-Bidit


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