Ummah – All in One Muslim Platform & Social Muslim Brotherhood


Social platforms for all types of people, interests, and values are designed and used across the world. When it comes to the Muslim community it can be hard to discover a social platform which offers it all in one place. Luckily for you, we searched and we discovered an amazing all in one Muslim platform and social Muslim brotherhood where Muslims around the world can learn, share, collaborate and connect with each other.

What is Ummah?

This all in one Muslim platform and Muslim brotherhood is designed as a user-friendly personal virtual assistant for Muslims that need to remain a proud, motivated and respectful Muslim. The app is developed on the iOS and Android platform and offers the features needed for users to learn, share, collaborate and connect with other Muslims anywhere, anytime. Get reminders of the accurate Islamic prayer time, read the latest important news, thoughts, articles, and blogs related to Islam and others.

Why do we like Ummah?

Ummah offers Muslims detailed and highly accurate prayer times for their location with Qibla direction. The Muslim calendar offers you to See the prayer time and know when exactly is your Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha’a, all that with detailed timings day by day and for your city. To stay focused and inspired the app offers a unique way to improve the Akhirah. Delivered to your phone, the will give you the latest articles, hints, tips, and content.

Share, connect and discover sayings, daily prayers, sayings of the Prophet, Muslim holidays, read reminders from the Quran, expand your Muslim Brotherhood and more. Track your fasting during the month of Ramadan with the app also use the app’s widgets and ongoing notification to help you remember prayer times. The data can be personalized with your personal account and also save daily content to read it later. On the app available languages are Albanian and English.

Download this app on the App Store and Google Play for free to connect with Muslims around the world!

Official Website: Ummah

App Store Download Link: Ummah

Google Play Download Link: Ummah


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