Unleash Your Bubble Popping Skills with Bubquest


Bubbling. They look like games only meant for kids, but they make the best fun tool for adults too, especially if you want to have the best of the comic moment from gaming. Bubble games are rare in real life, and if you come across some once on a while, they will definitely not be as interesting as the ones developed for you to play on your smart phone. Bubble games for smartphones actually have hundreds of thousands of players, both adults as well as the young ones, and they even make the best option for people who are just getting started with simple games. Here’s one of our favorite bubble games – Bubquest.

What is Bubquest?

If you want to test your tapping skills and tease your reflexes, Bubquest is the game you want. It is an endless arcade designed for both Android and iOS devices, perfect for both youngsters and adults. We love its overall design – presented with colorful visuals, great sound effects and neat touch screen controls. But above all, we adore the gameplay!

Pop the Bubbles & Win Prizes

Bubquest is one of those games that are simple to play, yet hard to master. Your main goal as a player is to pop all the bubbles as they constantly fall down. Tap on your screen to smash them before they reach the whirlpool. The more bubbles fall down in the whirlpool, the more your lifebar will lose life. So you have to pay attention to the lifebar or you’ll lose the game. The game features various types of bubbles, such as nuclear bubbles, bombs, super bubbles, etc. Pop the super bubble and let it save your day, dodge the bomb to avoid reducing lifebar by 20%, escape from the nuclear bubble or it will be game over for you, or burst the heart to see your lifebar go up. As you progress, the gameplay will become more difficult and the bubbles will fall down faster. That’s why you have to be quick, precise and win points. Compete with worldwide players, enter the Hall of Fame and enjoy the opportunity to win cool prizes.

You can have this awesome bubble pop game for free from the App Store or from Google Play. Download it for free and enjoy.

Google Play Download Link: Bubquest

App Store Download Link: Bubquest