Unnamo the Earthworm – Lead the Unnamo’s Adventures and Decide What Will Happen Next


Any seasoned role-player knows that getting kids into roleplaying games is such a great way to help their development. It encourages children to work cooperatively, use their imagination and explore themselves through the lens of a fictional character. Among so many of these role-playing games available, choosing the best one for your kid is hard. We searched and discovered a great one that is more than just a role playing game. It blends an interactive story with many adventures and cute characters for your kid to enjoy. Introducing the super cool and fun Unnamo the Earthworm.

Interactive story and role playing in the adventure of the cute worm

This role playing game and interactive story is entertaining and addictive – an amazing combination of a book and game for everyone that like to read and play. Developed on android platform, this interactive story game gives you the chance to become the co-author and dive into the adventures of the Unnamo’s character.

The cute worm character has four side with its own virtues and vises and the task of the player is to help Unnamo conquer the world and find his fortune, choosing the side of Unnamo that will lead the adventure.

Why do we choose Unnamo the Earthworm?

The Unnamo the Earthworm is offering players amazing features that will allow them to have fun and will get them addicted to the game fast. The task of each player is to wait for the right time to come and choose the side of the Unnamo’s character that needs to lead the particular adventure. It’s only the player’s choice what will happen next and because of that he will become the co-author of the story. Objects can be touched and they will move, sing or make the player smile in many ways.

The text can be read by the player or his parents or even switched on Teller. The interactive story has to offer player more than 20 different scenes and a wealth of interactive characters and objects that can reveal their surprise with just a click. The story can be listened, choosing professional recorded voices to or read by players themselves. With cute characters and wonderful illustrations offered, the app can be even used for playing offline.

Download this game for free on Google Play to read and play, choosing the side of Unnamo to lead the adventure!

Google Play Download Link: Unnamo the Earthworm


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