Vyral – Fun & Cool App for Online Competitions


Nowadays with our smartphones we can use many different apps for different purposes. Some of them can help us out in our daily life and some of them offer us to have endless fun and enjoy our free time. When it comes to fun apps, for everyone that enjoys music and dance and likes to compete online, testing his skills, there are apps for these purposes as well. We looked and we found one incredible online competition app for you. Let’s discuss about this app.

What is Vyral?

Vyral is one very entertaining and cool online competition app which is developed for android users, offering all of them to enjoy using the app to compete in music, dance and singing competitions. With this easy to use and fun events app that is suitable for everyone, users are able to enter different events and be a part of the endless fun, competing and getting their chance to win the cool competitions. All users have to do is to simply create their profile and find an event they like for competing against other users from the whole world.

Why do we love this app?

This incredibly fun and interesting app is offering users to enjoy competing and testing their skills in various events. By using this app, users will be able to easily find different competitions such as dance, music and singing competitions, choosing the one they like to be a part of the most. On this app, users are offered to save the events they like the most in their favorites and each of the events saved by the user can be easily found in the past, current and future events of this app.

The users one the app are also able to easily browse the app and see a lot of videos posted by other users and even choose to like or dislike the videos they watch. With constant notifications, users will always keep track of the competition events and they will always find singing, music and dance events they like to try out their skills.

Download the app now for free on Google Play and have fun competing online worldwide!

Google Play Download Link: Vyral