Weave.DPL – Challenging Arcade Maze Game


Arcade games are among the most popular games for smartphones because of its simplicity and challenge. For players that enjoy playing arcade games, it can be quite hard among so many of these games to find a fun and yet challenging arcade game that will test their reflexes while they enjoy the exciting gameplay. To make it easier for all, we searched and we found one incredibly exciting and challenging arcade maze game that you will love. Let’s see what the game offers you.

What is Weave.DPL?

All lovers of arcade games will enjoy this incredibly entertaining and addictive arcade maze game that will keep their attention each time you play. Developed on iOS and Android platform, the game is simple and yet challenging, putting your fast reactions on the test. With sharp graphics and cool sounds, you will enjoy each time you play. Try to get the ball out of the maze by swiping to start the ball and weaving the ball through the white blocks. Be careful and avoid all the blocks from other colors.

Why do we love it?

The Weave.DPL offers fast-paced gameplay and various features that will keep your attention each time you play. All you need to do is to weave the ball through the white blocks avoiding the blocks of other colors. Crushing into the other colors will end the game for you. Your task in the game is to get the ball out of the maze. To test your skills, the game offers various levels and each next level is more challenging than the level before. When a specific level in the game becomes challenging for you, you can easily select any other level you like in the menu of the game.

Challenge yourself and react fast and precise, weaving the ball carefully through the white blocks to get it out of the maze. On your way, as you progress, more blocks are put on your way, making it harder for you to complete the level. The DPL logos in the game are safe and also some of them are giving you bonus actions that can be helpful and get you to the end of the level much faster. Try to get the ball out of the maze safe.

Download this game for free on App Store and Google Play to weave the ball and get it out of the maze!

Official Website: Weave.DPL

App Store Download Link: Weave.DPL

Google Play Download Link: Weave.DPL


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