Witch Bird Pop: Bubble Shooter -Rescue the cute creatures and fight the evil




Do you feel amused when you pop bubbles on your Android smartphone? Do you get excited when you receive a package no for the content, but the bubble wrap? If you love pooping bubble matching and rescue games then this review will surely quench you thirst. Guys we are talking about Witch Bird Pop: Bubble Shooter.

Witch Bird Pop: Bubble Shooter is the casual puzzle game. In the game play, you are the witch, and you are challenged to pop bubbles to free the birds. You have to match three bubbles of the same color. You point your shooter at bubbles that match the color of your ammo and then fire off your shooter. Witch Bird Pop: Bubble Shooter is not just clearing the levels using your shooter, but freeing up all the birds that are trapped inside the bubble due to magic spell.

Like many of the bubble shooter games, it involves the real physics. You point your shooter and aim towards you target. By changing, the position of your shooter also alters the target trail. All you have to care about is to be as precise as possible using your shooter. Bringing the shooter low enough will let you to the combination of moves off the side of display.

Plan you best skills to move through the different challenging levels. The levels get harder as you move to the next level. You can also see the other type of obstacles else than bubbles in the next levels. There are also combos that can help you to clear the level easily.

Install today for your android device and test you precision skills. The game can be downloaded free from the link given below:

Google play Download link: Witch Bird Pop: Bubble Shooter