WMCI App is a Great App to Find Encouragement, Grow and Inspire Your Faith


Mobile app development forges ahead, and it’s already ready to help religious people use their smartphones more wisely. Sounds unbelievable? Just view the Christian and online church app we’ll be writing about today – the Word Mission Church International app.

What is WMCI App?

WMCI App is a Christian app of the Word Mission Church International app which features tons of handy features for believers to grow their faith, find encouragement and enjoy wide variety of features like messages and audio messages. Currently available for both Android and iPhone, the WMCI app is a great way to stay connected and inspired.

Audio, videos, live streams, shop and more

While you may first inform yourself about the pastor, church and plan to visit it, you may also find great features that you can enjoy from your phone. Namely, the Christian app features weekly devotionals, Church videos, audio messages and Christian podcast. It also gives you the ability to watch Church service live stream, which streams in Sundays.

There are also tons of handy additional options, like the ability to give online or shop for Christian products online. Within the app you may also connect with the church, find out about their mission and find ways and information to visit it.

If you want to stay informed and enjoy great Christian content WMCI app is a great option. It is freely available on the App Store and Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: WMCI app

App Store Download Link: WMCI app


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