Word Stellar – Thrilling & Challenging Crossword Puzzle Game


If you’re a sucker for words (and of course you are), there’s a whole host of absolutely fun games to play on your phone. Beyond kid’s games, there are so many challenging word game apps out there that are meant for adults to play (and play again). If you like to test your knowledge or stomp your friends with your vocabulary skills, we searched and we discovered one amazing crossword puzzle game to sharpen your brain, improving your vocabulary and cognitive skills. Let’s see what the game offers you.


What is Word Stellar?

This is a crossword puzzle game that is developed on iOS and Android platform, very exciting and challenging. Easy to play, the game offers many thrilling crossword puzzles that will test the player’s puzzle skills with its lighting speed rounds and will rejuvenate their brain with many mind-blowing interstellar facts. The levels are uniquely designed in difficulty and the players will feast their eyes with marvelous space themes, cruising through the cosmos, unlocking beautiful constellations.


Why do we love it?

Word Stellar is fun-filled space word game that combines thrilling crossword puzzles with its electrifying speed rounds that will sharpen the player’s brain and improve his vocabulary and spelling, enhancing his cognitive skills in the same time. The task of the player is to connect the letters and scrabble the words and with that, he will train his brain and test his knowledge. Exciting space journey to enjoy with quite addictive gameplay is offered for crossword lovers. Over 2000 brain-busting puzzles are offered so you can challenge yourself and empower your vocabulary.

The speed rounds will enhance the player’s cognitive skills and keep him on his toes, making him smarter. Also, this crossword puzzle game is enlightening players with the astronomical facts each time they solve a puzzle. Players win stars for each solved puzzle and enjoy themselves cruising through the stellar, solving the puzzles and challenging quizzes, learning and having time at the same time.

Download this game on App Store and Google Play for free to solve thrilling crossword puzzles with electrifying speed rounds!

App Store Download Link: Word Stellar

Google Play Download Link: Word Stellar


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