Yoto – Super Simple & Fun Social App for Instagram Users


There’s no denying the power of Instagram to capture an audience, connecting people from the whole world, allowing them to become friends and meet new interesting people. To make your Instagram experience even better, there are apps available that can make it easier for you to discover new IG users and become friends with the ones of your choice. To help you out, we searched and discovered one super simple and fun social app for Instagram users. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is Yoto all about?

For all Instagram users that like to meet new people and make new Instagram friends, this social app developed on the iOS platform offers you the simplest and most fun way for you to do that. The app is easy to use, very user-friendly with a clean interface offering IG users the chance to discover people from Instagram and connect with them. On this social network, you are able to swipe and choose a person, video chat with that person and stay connected with your new Instagram friends.

Why use Yoto?

With Yoto and the features offered on it, you get the ability to enjoy and meet new interesting people by discovering Instagram profiles. The app allows you to discover Instagram users and choose the users you want to connect with. Just meet to chat or simply press next to skip a user. All video chats on the app last just one minute but if you like to extend your chatting time with an IG user, the app needs both of you to become friends.

By subscribing on the app and paying, you can remove the time limits and chat free with users. The users you connect with and become friends will stay connected with you on Instagram. Swipe and video chat with IG users, extend your chatting time, make friends and stay connected on Instagram. Enjoy making new friends on Instagram.

Download this super simple and fun social app now on the App Store for free to make new Instagram friends!

App Store Download Link: Yoto


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