Zurface – Addictive & Fun Endless Jumper


Playing games on the go, whenever you are bored or waiting for something can be quite fun and help you relax. One of the best games you can choose to do that is a jumper game. This type of game is quite relaxing while at the same time challenges your skills and awards you with high scores if you are fast enough. Among so many of these games, choosing the most interesting one is hard. We searched and we have a great jumper game for you. Let’s see what the game offers you.

What is this jumping game about?

This jumper game is offering all players that like hours of fun playing an addictive jump game on the go an incredible jumping gameplay to test their skills and reflexes by avoiding the challenging obstacles on the way. The jumping game is developed on iOS platform and has to offer beautiful graphics and design for the player to enjoy it while he tries to win his high scores by progressing in as many levels as possible and avoiding all the obstacles that try to end the game for him.

Why do we choose Zurface?

Zurface as the exciting and addictive jumping game is offering each player various interesting features that will get him addicted to playing fast. On the game, all the player is asked to do is to jump the different zurfaces and in the same time react fast and precise to avoid the challenging obstacles on the way in order to win scores. More obstacles avoided more scores for the player. This game has to offer different jumping levels that are quite challenging and as the player progresses each new level is more challenging than the one before. Players have a chance to prepare themselves before the game starts because they are offered a countdown of 24 seconds to prepare for the challenge and calm themselves.  In-app purchases are available as well for players that like to jump with different characters.

Download this game on App Store for free to jump the zurfaces and avoid the obstacles on your way!

App Store Download Link: Zurface


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